Two Ghostly Tails

Book Cover: Two Ghostly Tails
Part of the Simpletown Tales series:

Brother and Sister do not get along. Brother likes to dig holes in the yard and drool; Sister likes to preen herself on a pink pillow and sleep. When a midnight intruder disrupts their life, the unlikely duo must put aside their differences and protect home and family from the unwelcome thief.

Publisher: White Parrot Press

It's Halloween night, on Simple Town Lane,
Brother's a hot dog, Sister's a princess, again.

The street is buzzing with kids looking for treats,
Brother wags his tail at every costume he greets.

And after a long day filled with kids, candy and fun,
It's time for some sleep . . . but not for every one.

A strange shadow appears at the window outside.
Brother and Sister are scared.
Should we run? Should we hide?

"No!" cries Brother, he has plan.
And whispers to his Sister
how they'll get rid of the man.

A Simple Town story
that is sure to delight,
and perhaps the real reason
for those bumps in the night!

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Hunting is Bear, Let’s Play Hide and Seek

Let's Play Hide and Seek

Hunting for Bear, Let's Play Hide and Seek by Sumi Fyhrie
Part of the Simpletown Tales series:
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: 878-1-937333-34-8
Size: 8.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 32
Publisher: White Parrot Press

Bear loves to play
Hide and Seek.

While Adam is counting,
Bear says “Don’t peek.”

Adam looks in a forest
of tall, green trees.

“Woof, woof,” says Bear.
“He can’t see me.”

Adam explores Bear’s cave
it is dark and small.

“Woof, woof,” says Bear.
“Do you see bats on the wall?

Help Adam find Bear in this fun, playtime adventure.

Hidden inside are things in threes.
Can you find them all? Come along with me.

A "Count with Me"© book


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Billy Beetle Bug and His Beetle Bug Board by Sumi Fyhrie

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Billy Beetle Bug and his Beetle Bug Board by Sumi Fyhrie, Illustrated by Zoya Kruse-Wu
Part of the Reading Exercise and Song series:
  • Billy Beetle Bug and His Beetle Bug Board by Sumi Fyhrie
ISBN: 978-937333-18-8
ISBN: 978-937333-19-5
ISBN: 978-937333-17-1
Publisher: White Parrot Press

Beetle Bug Board Song Now Available... Listen and Download from
Billy has found a board.
A beetle bug board.
It's a bouncy board.
Join Billy and his friends as they...
Bounce, Wiggle, Waddle, Slide, Hop, Skip, Spin.
An R.E.S. series book~ Reading, Exercise and Song
Get notified when Billy and his Friends take off on a new adventure.
Free Sign Up at

From White Parrot Press - an imprint of First Steps Publishing

Reviews:Brenda A. Hartman wrote:

5 stars / A great book for all children.

This book has beautiful illustrations and a wonderful sing song story. Children will love to hear this again and again. Truly a book for all children learning vocabulary and having fun with books.

Dave Lowensohn wrote:

5 stars / Great little book full of fun words and sounds

Great little book full of fun words and sounds! I'm quickly developing strong feelings about what constitutes a great vs. mediocre baby book & this is decidedly the former. Incredibly fun to read out loud & it holds my 4 month old's attention. Trivia in the back is great for grownups, who are maybe lulling themselves to sleep with rhythmic bedtime stories. A++

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Pandas on Parade

Pandas on Parade by Sumi Fyhrie
Part of the My Zoo Babies series:
  • Pandas on Parade
ISBN: 978-1937333-09-6
Size: 7.50 x 7.50 in
Pages: 48
Pages: 48
Publisher: White Parrot Press

AnLei is curious. In fact, she is VERY curious. Every day, beyond the walls of her bamboo home, AnLei hears music and watches bright colorful orbs float into the sky. Every night the sky fills with exciting bursts of light that pop and crackle.

“Will you help me look over the wall so I may see what is there?” AnLei asks her mother.

“Someday when you are bigger,” her mother answers.

AnLei decides ‘someday’ is too long to wait. Together with her best friend Bird, she uncovers a small opening in the wall – a hole just big enough for a little panda.
* * *
Join AnLei and Bird in My Zoo Babies first adventure "Pandas on Parade". Beautifully illustrated and easy-to-ready story will captivate the imagination and hearts of young and old.


Reviews:Dawn Kinzer on wrote:

5 stars / Delightful Book
Young panda AnLei yearns to see the world outside her home, but when AnLei asks her mother to let her investigate, she’s told she must wait until “someday,” when she’s bigger. But one day, she discovers a hole in the wall surrounding her habitat—just big enough for her to slip out. Through her little adventure, AnLei discovers there’s nothing like the comfort of home.

Beautiful illustrations depict the humorous preparations AnLei makes for her trip. Like the young panda, children are curious, and they’ll relate to her eagerness to explore, as well as being told they're not old enough to do something they really want to do. This is a delightful book that both children and adults can enjoy!

Barry Carlsen wrote:

5 Stars / We bought this beautifully illustrated book for our niece who absolutely loves it

We bought this beautifully illustrated book for our niece who absolutely loves it! This makes a great gift and is also a lot fun for the adult to read to a child as well. I highly recommend it.

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