Two Ghostly Tails

Book Cover: Two Ghostly Tails
Part of the Simpletown Tales series:

Brother and Sister do not get along. Brother likes to dig holes in the yard and drool; Sister likes to preen herself on a pink pillow and sleep. When a midnight intruder disrupts their life, the unlikely duo must put aside their differences and protect home and family from the unwelcome thief.

Publisher: White Parrot Press

It's Halloween night, on Simple Town Lane,
Brother's a hot dog, Sister's a princess, again.

The street is buzzing with kids looking for treats,
Brother wags his tail at every costume he greets.

And after a long day filled with kids, candy and fun,
It's time for some sleep . . . but not for every one.

A strange shadow appears at the window outside.
Brother and Sister are scared.
Should we run? Should we hide?

"No!" cries Brother, he has plan.
And whispers to his Sister
how they'll get rid of the man.

A Simple Town story
that is sure to delight,
and perhaps the real reason
for those bumps in the night!

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