Coldfire by Susan Parrott

The Shadows of Icarus

Coldfire, A Galaxy Kids Adventure by Susan Parrott
Part of the Milky Way Mysteries series:
  • Coldfire by Susan Parrott
ISBN: 1937333221
Pages: 116
ISBN: 2940157793432
Pages: 116
ISBN: 978-1937333-22-5
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 116

Twelve-year-old Aimee Shaw's only wish is to escape her boring, all-girl, no-alien private school and attend public school with her best friend, Bottle. That, and to never have to do another history assignment.

Instead of writing her paper on the Interplanetary War, Aimee convinces Bottle to take a lunar flight to her favorite retro hangout, Luna's Café, for the most famous drink in the galaxy—Luna's Original Bees Knees, Please.

Their quick adventure turns dark when they see a shadowy figure watching them from the lunar landscape. When a hidden compartment in Bottle's space cruiser reveals a strange, glowing egg-shaped orb they turn their attention to unraveling the mystery of what it is and where it came from.

Horrified when Bottle's dad is arrested for stealing the egg, the two discover the orb is actually a new and potentially dangerous prototype from Zenviron Energy Corporation.

Before they can return it, two Shadowmen from another galaxy start looking for the energy sphere, and it leads them straight to Aimee's house—putting everyone in danger.

Will the four friends be able to stop the Shadowmen? Or are they in over their heads?

Publisher: White Parrot Press

Chapter 1

The cold night and late hour left Stockbridge Lane nearly empty, except for one lone van resting at the end of the road. A single figure hobbles along the walkway, continually looking back toward the side street where he’d just emerged. Stopping in the shadow of a large oak tree along the center divide, the man nervously looks around.

On any other night, he would consider the scene peaceful—almost idyllic. Rows of houses, replicas from the 1950s, line both sides of the lane while the moon cast soft, web-like shadows through barren branches.

He flinches at the sound of a slamming door.

“There he is.” A ghostly voice carries along the frigid night air.


Stumbling down the street, the man conceals himself in the void between two houses. He checks the item in his jacket pocket—the precious cargo his pursuers would do anything to obtain. It’s glowing a fiery red, and the volatile heat is becoming painful against his chest. If he doesn’t separate himself from the item soon, he knows he and everyone in Stockbridge will be destroyed.

The man nervously looks out from his unprotected hiding place. A thick mass of grayish-blue mist drifts from one manicured lawn to another, gliding up to darkened windows and then ebbing back, like an otherworldly tide.

He pushes back against the building, wincing from the pain in his leg. The scheme was simple—secure the device from Zenviron Energy Corporation’s environmental lab. The issue wasn’t the building’s security system or the inept night guard.

The problem lay with the two unknown entities that followed him to Earth. After two sleepless nights, he foolishly believed he’d eluded them but when the vaporous beings attacked him in the lab, he abandoned the original plan and headed to the only person he knew could help.

Despite the neighborhood’s attempt for twentieth-century accuracy, someone forgot that three hundred years ago houses had numbers painted on them. And without a mapping scanner, he didn’t know which house was the right one.

The man again cautiously peers around the corner. The gaseous entity is hovering by the oak tree, its form expanding and contracting like phantom lungs. It washes past the trunk, splitting into two modulating forms that develop into separate beings that continue their hunt on opposite sides of the street.

The man momentarily lingers and then quietly slips into a darkened home.

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