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Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott:

Parrott was first published at 14 – a poem entitled “Snow.” She graduated from the University of Washington in 1981, and has earned several Montana Addy Awards for design excellence working with such clients as Yellowstone Park, Old West Trail, Columbia Paint, Winston Fly Rod Company, Montana Power Company and more.

She published her first work in 2006: SEO Basics. Since then she has published several works including the best-selling Ebook Formatting and Publishing Guide and The Lost Sigil Ebook Editor Guide, as well as several children’s works: Pandas on Parade and Billy Beetle Bug and his Beetle Bug Board, and Where is Bear? Let’s Play Hide and Seek.

List of her works:

  • SEO basics
  • eBook Formatting and Publishing Guide
  • How to create an ebook cover
  • The Lost Sigil eBook Editor Guide
  • Panda’s on Parade
  • Billy Beetle Bug and His Beetle Bug Board
  • Coldfire
  • Where is Bear? Let’s Play Hide and Seek
  • Two Ghostly Tails (coming 2017)
  • Woman in a Pale Dress (coming 2017)

Parrott is represented by First Steps Publishing, which publishes her works under the imprints: White Parrot Press (Children’s) and West Wind Press (MG/YA), and divides her time between Graphic Design, eBook formatting, workshops & training, speaking, and walking along Oregon beaches looking for fossils older than herself.

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  1. Hi, I just purchased your book “eBook Formatting & Publishing Guide 4.0. So far I’m impressed. I’m trying to help two conventional authors convert a 500 page print non-fiction book (with > 800 footnotes) into Kindle, and I would like to convince them to publish ePub as well. I’ve already purchased 4 books on how to publish for Kindle all with contradicting advice. So far, yours seems the most helpful.

    However, I noticed you don’t seem to publish it in ePub format which is my preferred format. I converted it with Calibre and it seems OK (not perfect mind you), I just thought it was odd I couldn’t find it at Barnes and Noble or Kobobooks. (I have a Kobo Aura HD reader). I also noticed that you didn’t format the book to show images on older devices — at least they don’t show up on any of the eInk devices in Kindle previewer. They show up fine in the Aura HD.

    Anyways, so far I am pleased.