“Adam: Hunting for Bear” and “Two Ghostly Tails”

Two Ghostly Tails and Adam: Hunting for Bear

I’m happy to offer two new children’s rhyming books coming this fall, part of the SimpleTown Tales series:

“Two Ghostly Tails”

A Brother and Sister Adventure

(October 2017)

Brother and sister are a dog and cat. They live in a small house with their “mother and father” (humans). All is peaceful until one night, they hear noises. Someone is in the house. Find out how this this unlike duo chase off the would-be thief the night before All Saints Day.


Adam: Hunting for Bear by Sumi Fyhrie

“Adam: Hunting for Bear”

[revised edition | October 2017]

A book series for Elementary readers K- Grd 3; Adam is the first in a planned 26 book series, spanning the alphabet.

Today, Adam is a hunter. Adam is hunting for his dog Bear. Bear is hiding from Adam. Can you find Bear before Adam?  A visual hide-and-seek game for the reader. A Count With Me© book.

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