A Writer is Like a Gardener

There is a lot of preparation required before planting: tilling the soil, pulling weeds, fertilizing. Once the groundwork is done (outline, research), then comes the planting of seeds — a lot of seeds — more than are needed for a healthy garden.

I know that not all seeds I plant will take root. Some will be healthy, others weak and thin. but I can’t just stare at the garden every day, waiting and watching for the plants to for. Instead, I wake away (4-6 weeks).

When I return, the plants have taken root and leaves start to emerge. Now begins the thinning process — removing sickly plants, strengthening and supporting weak plants, moving sturdy plants to barren areas.

I will need to tend the garden several times, allowing an interval between each pruning/thinning. During the journey, some plants will have healthy leaves but a weak stalk, thus needing more support. Others will be the opposite and need more “fleshing out” or they will appear healthy, but may harbor hidden words (weaknesses), that would undermine the entire crop. And still others may be healthy and hearty, but do not improve the aesthetics of the garden design.

I can’t play favorites when it comes to a garden. I may love one plant more than another. I’ll nurture it, work hard to keep it alive, but if it is not meant for this world (book) then it needs to be removed. hard as it is to do, it is necessary for the best crop.


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