Woman in a Pale Dress

Woman in a Pale Dress by Suzanne Parrott

I decided to put my historical fiction (Bully of Burke) aside for something more “light”. Still a murder mystery, this book reads more like a women’s fiction/ with a mystery/murder and a little paranormal activity thrown in. As a lover of history and science, I just can’t help but bring these elements into the mix when writing, if not for my own enjoyment, but as a learning experience for my readers (which are typically Teen – New Adult.) This, of course, requires me to do more in-depth research on subjects I know very little about. However, like Michael Crichton, I plan to use a lot of “artistic license” —

amber + mosquito + frog DNA = BINGO! A Dinosaur.

Woman in a Pale Dress (WT), is no exception. In this book the main character dismisses the idea that her hallucinations are a ghost. She doesn’t believe in the paranormal and sets out to uncover a more logical and scientific reason for these occurances. As the appearances increase, she finds her resolve, and sanity starting to waver, until she puts all the pieces together and in doing so, solves the murder (of course).

Endora “Dora” Brooks, is a spunky, 50-ish, artist/teacher/writer from the small town of Goss Hollow. She’s lived there her entire life, though travels for research and inspiration. She’s modern, but only to a point. The white noise of technology has become deafening, and she chooses her ‘devices’ carefully — which include a toaster,  TV, and dumb phone (flip phone) — in that order. I envision her as a Jessica Fletcher meets Mrs. Pickerell, with a bit of Agatha Christie and me thrown in for good measure.

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