Greedy the Troll and Other Odd Fairy Tales

Trolls, dwarves, dragons, giants, fungus and moss – what could be more fun than that? Add a mystery and quest and you have a story. I am currently compiling several small short stories I have written / published over the years into one volume. It’s like a Grimms Fairy tales meets the Wind in the Willows.

The star of the show is a short, obnoxious troll who’s entire purpose in life is to be secluded in her swamp, or so she thought. Enter unlikely comrades: twin brothers, a giant of short stature, add some mushrooms and moss and you have a fun tale of building friendships and trust.

Other Odd tales include “The Pear Tree”, Selma of the Wood”, “Rune of Panutoo”, “Lisa Ladybug takes an Ad” and much more.

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