A Writer is Like a Gardener – an analogy

There is a lot of preparation required before planting: tilling the soil, pulling weeds, fertilizing. Once the groundwork is done (outline, research), then comes the planting of seeds — a lot of seeds — more than are needed for a healthy garden. I know that not all seeds I plant will take root. Some will be […]

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Woman in a Pale Dress

Woman in a Pale Dress by Suzanne Parrott

I decided to put my historical fiction (Bully of Burke) aside for something more “light”. Still a murder mystery, this book reads more like a women’s fiction/ with a mystery/murder and a little paranormal activity thrown in. As a lover of history and science, I just can’t help but bring these elements into the mix when […]

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Time Stoppers by Carrie Jones

Time Stoppers by Carrie Jones My rating: 4 of 5 stars Time Stoppers introduces a cast of underdog characters that readers 8-12 will enjoy. Annie Nobody is in her 12th foster home, and though tries to befriend her new family, she is cruelly locked out of the house until she can perform one ‘simple’ task […]

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